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60 sports Challenge

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Embrace the Ageless Adventure: Life’s Just Beginning

Unleashing the Champion Within: One Man, One Year, 60 Sports at 60. Embracing the Ultimate Challenge, Igniting Passion, and Redefining Limits.


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Age never limits the game; trying new sports keeps us sharp and energized, no matter the years! In 2020, I conquered a 24-hour tennis marathon. Now, on the brink of 60, I’m gearing up for the next grand chapter. Join me on this journey as I set my sights on the next remarkable feat and embrace this challenge – it’s not just fun, it’s great for your mind and body. Get out there, try something new, and keep the thrill of the game of life alive!

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60 & Sporty: Connecting through 60 sports at 60
Let the Games Begin!

Join the 60 Sports at 60 challenge and be part of our global team! After each sport, share your moves – let’s see what you’ve got and cheer each other on. Show us your sporty spirit and let’s rock this challenge together!

Want to be part of the challenge?

Diederik, the ultimate all-round thrill-seeker, sport enthusiast and life’s cheerleader. He’s no stranger to adventure, having lived in 7 countries: The Netherlands, Israel, Lebanon, Ibiza, London, Aruba and Curaçao.

On the 1st of February 2024, marking his 60th year, he’s launching an electrifying challenge! For 365 days, he’ll dive into 60 sports, teaming up with celebs and influencers to spark up some serious buzz and a ton of fun!

Following his epic 24-hour non-stop tennis face-off against 24 celebs, he’s rolling out the red carpet for the Dita Sixty Challenge!

His mission? To ignite hearts and minds! His mantra: ”Timeless living is the new way of life.” From the young-at-heart to the forever young, his contagious energy and humor-packed content will be an instant hit. Meet the “crazy enthusiast from Amsterdam”! 

Dita Sixty is one-of-a-kind adventure! No one else on the planet is taking on this challenge. We’re at the starting line, and now’s the time for a sponsor to jump on board and craft something extraordinary together.

In 2023, health, especially for seniors, is a hot topic. Imagine being inspired and challenging yourself – now that’s the real game-changer!

60 Sports in a year means fresh content every days on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Get snippets daily, then brace yourself for the grand finale on day 60!


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Yep... that's me

Hey there, I’m Diederik, and I’m flipping the script at 60! Embarking on a whirlwind of 60 sports, I’m your all-round sports lover diving into uncharted athletic territories. For me, age is just a number – it won’t stop this adrenaline-fueled journey. I’m not just chasing personal records; I’m out to prove that age isn’t a limit but rather an invitation to new thrills. Join me in this epic quest, where I’ll be trying, learning, and having a blast – all to show that life’s zest never fades. Let’s break the age barriers and inspire everyone to embrace new adventures, no matter the number of candles on the cake!



I embarked on my windsurfing journey at the age of 15, riding the waves until I turned 18. I vividly recall strapping my windsurf board to the roof of my father’s car for an adventure in Italy! Afterward, it lay dormant for 41 years, until I rekindled the passion. The return was a truly profound experience.



From hitting the gym at 36, casually sweating it out, to 57 and diving into intense strength training 3 times a week for the last 2 years! It’s transformed by body into the best gift I’ve ever given myself. A whole new me!



When I was 10, my dad introduced me to sailing at De Kaag in the Netherlands. That sparked my love for the water! I ended up joining sailing camps and even bagged my sailing certificate along the way.



Started my tennis journey at 10, diving into tournaments and matches and in 2020 I aced a 24-hour non-stop tennis marathon! Proudly clinched the Festina 40+ tournament not once, not twice, but thrice! And, I am currently smashing it in the Top 100 for my age group in the Netherlands!



Exploring my limits and finding serenity at the beach is one of my ultimate joys. It’s the perfect mix of physical activity and relaxation, a fantastic way to unwind and stay active.

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